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Team Apocalypse wins Summer Sizzler 2011

Congratulations to Apocalypse (FL) GSL’s 2011 Summer Sizzler “A” division champs. They went 5-0 to take home the cash  and the title.  They defeated some of the best teams in the south on Sunday to win it all. They defeated Really Rottens (GA), Palmetto Bugs (SC) and All-Stars (LA) on Sunday to be crowned Summer Sizzler Champs.

All-Stars (LA)  Summer Sizzler Runner-ups

Order of Finish

  1. Apocalypse (FL)  (5-0)
  2. All-Stars (LA)  (4-1)
  3. Palmetto Bugs (SC)  (3-1)
  4. A Game (GA)  (2-2)
  5. Greatest Show On Turf (GA)  (1-2)
  6. Yung Crew (GA)  (1-2)
  7. Brand Nu (GA)  (1-2)
  8. Really Rottens (GA)  (0-3)
  9. Bread N’ Butter (GA)  (0-3)

Check out the news release below from Georgia Sports League!

Apocalypse Semi-Pro Flag Football Team Wins Georgia Interstate Flag Football Tournament, Defeats 3-Time National Champs

24 July 2011, Peachtree City, Georgia - The Georgia Sports Leagues today awarded the Men’s A Division multi-State Regional Championship Flag Football Trophy and $1000 in prize money to the semi-pro Apocalypse Flag Football Team headquartered in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea. Apocalypse recently tied the all-time Florida State record by winning its 4th state title in a row. The Georgia tournament was held outside of Atlanta and included 3 of the top ten nationally-ranked teams in the USA, including the 3-time USFTL National Champs, Palmetto Bugs from South Carolina and 2-time National Champs Brand Nu. Teams from Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and Louisiana participated. Playing by USFTL 7-man “Screen” rules, Apocalypse defeated 2 top Georgia teams in pool play to earn a no. 2 seed in the final, single elimination round. Both of these games were won by scores of 36 to 12 and were stopped by mercy rule. One of these first two teams was “Brand Nu”, 2-time USFTL National Champions in 8-man flag football.

In the finals, Apocalypse had to face “Really Rottens”, currently the number 7-ranked team in the nation according to USFTL. Apocalypse won this game handily 28-6. Facing the 3-time national champs, Palmetto Bugs, in the semi-finals, Apocalypse won, going away by a score of 35-12 with the game being called early.

Apocalypse then faced the current number 3 team in the nation, from New Orleans, the Allstars. In January, 2011 Allstars lost to Apocalypse, then defeated Apocalypse at the National Championship Tournament in Otlando by a margin of one point. In Atlanta, Apocalypse roared off to a 28-6 lead and won 28-18 with Allstars scoring a late meaningless touchdown which made the game look closer than it really was.

Coach Miller praised his all-star, 2-headed quarterback-quartet led by Brian Baer of Parkland and co-passer Brad Corliss of Davie. HB passers, semi-pro James Panui of Orlando and John Wassmer of Tampa also contributed to the teams’ wide-open all-passing attack. Coach Miller also gave credit to his all-American rushing team composed of speedsters Derrick “Hollywood” Brown of Tamarac and Bernard Summerall of Miami. Quinton McLendon also contributed to keeping pressure on opposing QBs by adding a demoralizing sack of his own in the final game. Miller said “our defense showed up in force and shut down every team we played.” Defensive standouts included several semi-pro players, like James Panui of the Florida Firebirds, Osceola Ghostriders, Tampa Bay Storm and Orlando Predators. David “DJ” Brooks plays with the Bay Area Warriors semi-pro team. Other defensive stars include: Terrence “TB” Bunting.” South Florida standouts included MVP and USFTL All-American Derrick “Hollywood” Brown of Tamarac, semi-pro Reggie Haugabook of Miami, Quinton McLendon of Pompano Beach and Bernard Summerall of Miami. Miller said “I attribute our success to extraordinary team-speed, intelligent play-calling and unselfish guys that never bicker and play like a band of brothers.”

Apocalypse has now won four straight state titles and five (5) IFFF World Cup championships in 4-man, 7-man and 9-man flag football, which were won in the Dominican Republic, Miami, Costa Rica and Palm Springs, California. Sponsors are needed if you are interested in becoming part of this phenomenal team. The team’s website is www.ApocalypseFlagFootball.com


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Team Apocalypse wins Summer Sizzler 2011