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Apocalypse started its existence as a very good Lawyer’s Title team in the 70’s, with Craig Miller as QB. Almost 30 years later, Craig Miller was recruited, in 1998 by his son, Marc Miller to coach a very good Calvary Chapel ( Ft. Lauderdale ) team that needed a coach for all the superstars with no strong flag football experience. After a few seasons this team won a few local titles in Ft. Lauderdale and even tried their hand in one FRPA State Ranking Tournament (SRT) tourney (as ‘No Off Season’) in Ft. Lauderdale with Dave Geis as quarterback. After coaching High School football for a couple years, Craig had the flag football bug again.

Predecessor Born in 1999

Alpha Omega, the forerunner to Apocalypse, was born in 1999 when Craig and Bob DeCouto of First Baptist Church in Ft. Lauderdale formed a Christian Flag Football Association at Tradewinds Park in Ft. Lauderdale and built the league up to 16 teams after getting some guys from Calvary Chapel (Mr. Al Pinzon and others) to help out. (Bob later moved to Orlando and currently runs the CFFL, there.) Craig quarterbacked a very good Alpha Omega team with HB Dave Lopez (most recently the QB with SRT Competitor, Palm Beach Blaze). The team won its first championship after merging with Justin Soultatos’ team and adding Derrick “ Hollywood ” Brown who added new athletic dimensions to the team at HB and Center, respectively. Craig QB’d a final season and then gradually retired to fulltime coach so he could get more titles and get the best players on the field. Justin brought Brian Baer, who joined the team at first as HB then QB. Craig and Brian teamed up to run Craig’s offense with Brian’s mobility and accurate arm. Brian now serves as the team’s Captain.

2004 World Cup Champions

In 2004, the team moved up to a new level and started attracting more and more exceptional players as the Alpha Omegans started winning more and more local league championships and big games. Alpha Omega took its next giant step in 2004 by adding more great players and competing in the 2004 World Cup in the Dominican Republic . The team won the 4-man competition, bringing home the World Cup with Brian Baer and Justin Soultatos, Derrick Brown and others. The team still talks about all the fun and great friendships that were made on that trip. The team was the Runner-up in 7--man losing to a very good team QB’d by National Champion QB, Boobie, from New Orleans . The IFFF ranked Alpha Omega number 1 in the world in 4-man, number 2 in 7-man and number 1 in ‘all styles’ of flag football that year in their international rankings. (See:www.flagmag.com)

2004 Bradenton Money Tournament vs. State Champs

The team took another giant leap in 2004 by entering into a money tournament in Bradenton where they defeated 4-time State Champions, Rusty Anchor in a shootout, 44-43 in the finals of the winner’s bracket. However Alpha Omega lost twice to Rusty who fought back valiantly from the loser’s bracket. At that point Coach Miller made a major decision to try and emulate Rusty Anchor every way possible. Rusty’s two quarterback system was almost unstoppable and they had a “system” similar to Alpha Omega’s, but it was clear that Rusty could execute their system much better than Alpha Omega executed theirs.

Apocalypse Born in 2005

Apocalypse was born in 2005 after Alpha Omega completed its first FRPA season, in 2004, competing in the statewide ranking tournaments, finishing in fourth place at the 2004 FRPA State Championship in Stuart, Florida, while their arch rival Zimmer Alliance (also from Ft. Lauderdale) finished fifth that year (after finishing as Florida state runners-up on previous occasions.) The two teams both wanted to win it all so Zimmer and Alpha Omega merged in 2005 to create Apocalypse.(“Apocalypse” was chosen to honor God and His Wrath and Judgment to come, described in Revelation 16, in case you were wondering.) Three sets of sleeveless dri-fit jerseys were purchased in the new team colors, red, white and black, with the famous red cross and white shield of the Knights Templar emblazoned on their chests. Crossed swords behind the shield represents the sword of the Lord in Revelation 19:15.

Instant Success

The newly formed team was an instant success winning all of its games but three in its first season in the State Ranking Tournaments (See http://www.flasports.com) and finishing the SRT season in first place. This team finished first in scoring and first in defense (points allowed). The team had Brian Baer and Rob Armstrong as co-quarterbacks and ran both Zimmer and Alpha plays very successfully. Dave Geis was also a HB passer which gave this team incredible speed, mobility and passing/running firepower. Unfortunately Hurricane Wilma blew through Ft. Lauderdale knocking out all parks and football field lights for six weeks and Apocalypse got rusty during the downtime. As a result Apocalypse lost to the no. 8 ranked team in the first game of the State Championship, in Davie that year, and had to play 5 games back to back in the losers bracket to win it all. After winning all loser bracket games, but the last one, Apocalypse fell to a well-known and well-coached nemesis, named Coalition, finishing as second runner-up in the State Championship Tournament. Apocalypse also competed in the 2005 World Cup in Miami winning every game but the final game vs. the Dream from Atlanta , and taking runner-up trophies in 4-man and 7-man.

2006, an off year

 The following year, 2006, was an off year because co-QB Rob Armstong was injured in local league play and his shoulder was out of commission. The team finished the 2006 SRT season in 3rd place in the state rankings and did not play well in the State Championship Tournament.

In 2007, to compensate for the loss of Rob Armstrong’s arm, the team turned to former 3-time state champion QB, Brad Corliss, formerly with 3-time state champ Med Choice/Who’s Next? ( Miami ). Brad also brought some of his guys to the table who were excellent athletes. In addition the team recruited its nemesis, Tony Walton, defensive genius and player-coach of Coalition (St. Pete) who brought several of his defensive players with him.

With Brad Corliss, Brian Baer, and Tony Walton’s defense, the team stepped up to a new level once again in 2007. Apocalypse produced another first place performance in 2007 at the conclusion of the SRTs. Seeded first in the State Championship Tournament, Apocalypse sailed through its bracket in the winners bracket. But something was not right. A no. 10 seed was blistering the opposite bracket winning games against no. 2 and 3 seeds by over 20 and 30 points. Apocalypse likewise succumbed to a very good Shut ‘em Down (SED) team,then defeated the no.2 team, Coalition, in the loser bracket then lost again to an exceptional SED team by one point to finish 2nd in the State Championship Tournament.

2008 No. 1 Preseason Ranking

Apocalypse received the number one preseason ranking from the Florida Sports Foundation (FSF) and added more talent, including super-speedsters Bernard Summerfall and Reggie Haugabook from the 2006 state champion, COD. Tony Walton brought in additional Coalition men from the Tampa-St. Petersburg area and the team was stacked. There was no drop off in talent whenever a substitution was made. Every player on the field had dazzling talent and athleticism. There was no longer any excuse for losing.

2008 3x World Cup Champions

The team went to the 2008 International Flag Football Federation (IFFF) World Cup in San Jose, Costa Rica and won the World Cups for 4-man, 7-man and 9-man (Team USA). Apocalypse proved to be the decisive factor in helping Team USA win back the World Cup from defending champs Team Mexico in the International competition featuring 9-man contact flag football. (Before Apocalypse arrived Thursday night Mexico pummeled Team USA 26-0 in the preliminaries.) Apocalypse also won the 7-man and 4-man open tournaments winning every category they entered. The Mexican 7-man team put up a fight, but Apocalypse put on a “show” of blazing speed and dazzling athleticism to win in a come-from-behind shootout, scoring on the last drive under intense pressure. The entire Apocalypse team could not all make it to Costa Rica, so the team picked up some international players from Team USA, Pat Connolly and James Mayo. Ohio State track star, Franklin Davis and former UVA Division I football player, Eric Reid also joined the team for Costa Rica . Our former QB, Justin Soultatos, also came down from Tennessee and played Halfback and QB like the good ol’ days. Apocalypse players making the trip included superstars, Brian Baer, QB, Derrick Brown, Reggie Haugabook, Steve Davis, Quinton McLendon and coach Craig Miller. Head Cheerleader, Lorraine Miller also joined the team and provided encouragement for all the players.

Broward County Champions

Apocalypse recently won the championship in the Wednesday night Brian Piccolo Park league in Broward County and has over forty local league championships. Chad Johnson of the Cincinnati Bengals, and Pro Bowl WR, showed up for the finals and played two games at WR with the team, dropping 4 balls. After being cut by Apocalypse , Chad rejoined the Bengals after a brief holdout.


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