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In 2008, Apocalypse showed up to assist Team USA in Costa Rica in a 9-man full contact blocking tournament at the World Cup. Unfortunately, Apocalypse showed up on the second day of the competition with Team USA in Last place 0-3 after the preliminary round-robin round. Team USA had been defeated by every team in the tournament. As a result Team USA had to play the powerful World Champion Team Mexico in the first game on Friday, the second day of the competition.


Mexico had defeated Team USA by three touchdowns on the first day. Team Mexico seemed dazzled by the literal change in complexion of Team USA on the second day, and went down in defeat, as did the remainder of the competition as Team USA went undefeated in the final round and brought back the World Cup to the USA.


In 2009, Apocalypse showed up for the first and second days of competition for the World Cup and Team USA went undefeated through the whole tournament, claiming the World Cup for the USA twice in a row, in Palm Springs California. It has been a while since Team USA has won the World Cup back-to-back.


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